This portal is where you can learn about the technologies developed at Eclipse to make Internet of Things (IoT) development simpler.

Our technologies aim at establishing an open IoT/M2M platform to be used by anyone.

Services & Frameworks

Deliver extensible runtimes and services enabling IoT/M2M applications.

We provide a set of services and frameworks enabling features such as device managment, software update, vertical solutions, …

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Provide Open Source implementations of standard IoT/M2M protocols.

Currently, we provide tools and libraries for MQTT and CoAP, as well as OMA-DM and OMA LWM2M Device Management protocols

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Package a "one-stop shop" IDE for IoT/M2M developers.

We believe that Lua is a language very well-tailored for the Internet of Things, therefore an IDE for Lua development is available.

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Get in touch with us, learn about future events…

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Connect your IoT devices to test servers.

In order to simplify the evaluation of the open IoT stack developed at Eclipse, we provide sandboxes for your devices to communicate with.

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Our Members

Steering Committee

Eurotech IBM Sierra Wireless

Participating Members

2lemetry Actuate Axeda Bitreactive
Robert Bosch GmbH Canonical Group Ltd. Cisco dc-square GmbH
Deutsche Telekom AG GadgetKeeper IBH SYSTEMS GmbH IIC
IS2T itemis LAAS CNRS Litmus Automation
M2M Alliance openHAB UG SMB