The IoT Working Group aims at providing an IDE built on top of Eclipse that enables development of complete IoT and M2M solutions.


We use the Eclipse platform as a base for the creation of an interoperable and extensible set of tools to simplify the development of IoT/M2M solutions.
There are different sets of tools that we think are important to support IoT/M2M Developers:

  • Embedded Development — we aim at providing first-class user assistance for embedded development, especially for the Lua language.
  • Simulation — because M2M infrastructures can be complex to setup, we want our tools to allow the simulation of M2M devices and communication scenarios between these devices and M2M servers.
  • Server Development — we plan on providing tools helping to discover the capabilities of an M2M server, as well as to configure it.

Lua Development Tools An IDE for Lua developers.

Lua Development Tools provides a complete IDE for the Lua programming language.

You can download a standalone executable for the following platforms:

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