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Case Studies

Success stories powered by Eclipse IoT technologies

Red Hat, Eurotech, and Cloudera

Red Hat, Eurotech, and Cloudera join forces at the Eclipse Foundation.
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Bosch’s leadership in Eclipse IoT has helped position the company as a leader in the IoT industry.
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Kynetics is using Eclipse hawkBit to provide a platform for remote software updates of embedded systems.
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Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn has adopted Eclipse Paho’s open source MQTT libraries and Eclipse Mosquitto to make their railway system more efficient and to create more value for their passengers.
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NOJA has adopted the Open Source Eclipse 4DIAC Framework for Industrial Automation and Control by embedding the 4DIAC FORTE Runtime Environment into its controllers, and integrating the 4DIAC IDE into its design toolset.
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We chose Eclipse Kura because it is open source and allows us and our technical partners to integrate the protocol and logic with a high level language – Java
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We wanted a SCADA system we could use with access to some of the developers, which gives us the flexibility to adjust the system to our needs and grow over time.
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The market has a lot of raw data coming from smart PDUs, but they need a software layer on top of that data to make it useful
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