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Here are just some of the reasons why Eclipse IoT is trusted by industry leaders:

  • Eclipse IoT has been very successful in promoting open IoT projects and attracting new developers and users to IoT technologies. Our members gain adoption of their projects, which in turn helps with promoting their commercial products.
  • The Eclipse Foundation’s clear, vendor-neutral rules for intellectual property sharing and decision-making make it easy to collaborate with other organizations on driving rapid innovation.
  • The Foundation’s legal and intellectual property processes enable members to fully comply with antitrust laws and provide members with the legal assurance that they can successfully embed open source technology into their commercial products.
  • The Eclipse Development Process is a set of best practices that guide member organizations during the creation of open source projects.


Members of the Eclipse IoT Working Group take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Participate in industry collaborations to develop common open IoT platforms for Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, Edge Computing, and more.
  • Play a role in defining Eclipse IoT strategic priorities
  • Gain insights into the Eclipse IoT technology roadmap and direction
  • Benchmark and learn best practices from peers for leveraging open IoT technologies to accelerate product development and improve time-to-revenue
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