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Learn about what is happening in our community with these recent and past news.

Time is running out … the 2019 IoT Developer Survey is underway and we need your input!

2 days left! Participate in our 5th annual IoT Developer Survey, organized by the Eclipse IoT Working Group! This survey is intended to deliver valuable insight into programming languages, platforms, and infrastructure for building IoT solutions. As an IoT developer, we want to hear from you! Responses will be collected until Friday, March 8th.

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Eclipse IoT Newsletter - February 2019

Welcome to the first issue of the Eclipse IoT Newsletter for 2019, a newsletter tailored to share Eclipse IoT community and industry news. Thank you to all the authors who contributed great articles and blogs! Check them out today!

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Eclipse IoT Reaches New Milestones in Open Source IoT Leadership

Eclipse IoT reaches three million lines of code, 41 member companies, 37 IoT projects, and 350 contributors – bringing IoT leaders together to standardize open architecture

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Eclipse IoT has over 350 contributors working on 37 projects

Google’s Cloud IoT Edge. Amazon’s AWS IoT. Microsoft’s Azure Sphere. Baidu’s OpenEdge. There’s no shortage of platforms and initiatives promising to simplify the management of internet of things (IoT) devices, of which Gartner expects there will be 5 billion by 2020.

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War Stories about Edge Computing on Kubernetes

Edge computing on Kubernetes is emerging as a powerful way to share, distribute and manage data on a massive scale in ways that cloud or on-premise deployments cannot necessarily provide.

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Integrating Eclipse IoT

Eclipse IoT is a diverse set of IoT related projects. This blog post will talk a bit about the challenges and opportunities this brings. And it offers a starting point for interested parties, to join forces and create something that is more than the sum of its projects. Written by Jens Reimann, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat.​

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Top 25 IoT Startups To Watch In 2019

The most successful IoT startups selling into enterprises excel at orchestrating analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and real-time monitoring to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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2019 IoT Developer Survey

Participate in this year’s IoT Developer Survey organized by the Eclipse IoT Working Group! Your input will help IoT industry stakeholders better understand the requirements, priorities, and perceptions of IoT developer communities. Responses will be collected until March 8, 2019, at 11:59 PM PT. Thank you for your participation!

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IoT Day Grenoble 2019

After the success of the several IoT Days at Grenoble (2014 - 2018), we are back for a sixth edition of the Eclipse IoT Day Grenoble on February 19th, 2019.

For this one day event, we have a great program that includes topics around Edge Computing, Smart cities, IoT in Space, Connected cars, as well as the Eclipse IoT core technologies. As we have several international speakers, the conference will happen in English.

Register today and check out our great program!

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