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Open IoT Challenge Resources

Read about what the 75+ teams participating to the Open IoT Challenge are building.

Activ-IoTy Timekeeping - Final Report

Watch the video summarizing all the work done in this project in just 3 minutes.

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Alya-Smart-Mirror OpenIoTChallenge Final Report

There are already many impressive open source smart-mirror projects out there but we wanted to achieve even more.

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Aquaponics - Final Report

In this system that we are going to set up, a water pump, powered by solar panels, will be used to transport the water with fish waste to the plants.

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Autonomy of Things - Final Report

Three months ago i took the chance to make a commitment — to realise an idea i had for years. Long before it became known as the Internet-Of-Things, i connected devices with wires and radio frequency.

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CISSOS - Final Report

We wanted to investigate how open-source software from the Eclipse IoT community can be used to build a full (I)IoT solution-stack from sensor to visualization based on the classical three tier architecture for IoT.

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Cloud Oscilloscope - Final Report

Welcome to our journey to Open IoT Challenge by Eclipse! Last December our proposal was chosen from 70 proposal to participate. Also we’ve got a promocode for electronics and started to work.

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