Open IoT Challenge Resources

Read about what the 80+ team participating to the Open IoT Challenge are building.

InMoodforLife | Final Report

Researchers have found than Bipolar’s sleep architecture is deeply impacted during a depression or mania state. REM appears to be the aspect of sleep architecture most affected.

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krishi-IoT | Final Report

We presented krishi IoT, a comprehensive Internet of Things solution to help farmers execute agricultural operations in smarter and efficient way.

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RHDS | Final Report

We undertook this challenge with a thought in mind; “Imagine being able to reduce your home energy bill, increase comfort, and create a healthier living environment on the planet”.

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Agrinode | Final Report

AgriNode project goal is to build an Internet of Things – IoT solutions for various agricultural applications. We successfully developed the AgriNode system which is a Wireless Sensor Network – WSN consisting a gateway and sensor nodes.

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Antipollution | Final Report

Harmful effluents by old vehicles and no controlled system in hands of government to stop it.

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I-Greenhouse | Final Report

The urban agriculture aims to answer future challenges: reduction of the cultivated area, green economy, carbon footprint for transport of goods, self-production towards alimentary self-sufficiency of cities.

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