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Apply by Dec 7!

To participate, submit a proposal that:

  1. Names the solution you want to build
  2. Tells us the open technology you plan to use
  3. Describes the industry you want to address
  4. Gives an overview of the final solution
  5. Includes a YouTube video or a blog post explaining why you should be in the Top 10 proposals.

#5 is optional but videos/blog posts will be promoted via our social media network!

Deadline for proposals is December 7, 2018.

Key Facts


Dec. 7 Application deadline
Jan. 7 Hardware starter kits announced
Apr. 12 Final submission deadline
Apr. 26 Winners announced

Prize pool

team(s) entered so far!

Technology Involved

We believe the IoT will be based on open standards and open source technology, and with this challenge we want to highlight how those can be used to build great solutions. Developers who participate in the challenge are encouraged to build their solutions using any or all of the following technologies:

IoT open standards
(e.g MQTT, CoAP, LWM2M, or OPC UA)

Other open source technology, like Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Apache Spark or Camel.

Commercial hardware and services that interact with open source software and open standards for for IoT

Tell Us How You Build It

A key aspect of this challenge is sharing knowledge with the community and therefore, we want participants to document and discuss their experience when building their IoT solution. So we expect you to blog about things like selection process for your hardware, architecture decisions, etc. Of course, publishing code and videos is also a great way to engage!

  • Applications for the developer challenge will open on October 22, 2018 and the submission deadline is December 7, 2018.
  • Hardware kits – On January 7, 2019, the teams behind the 10 best proposals will be offered $150 to buy hardware online, and access to special sponsors offerings.
  • Submissions of the final solution must be completed by April 12, 2019 (11.59pm PDT). Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 solutions.

The solutions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Applicability of a solution to a specific industry, like Smart Cities, Industrie 4.0, Remote Health, etc.
  • Completeness of solution
  • Use of open standards and open source technology
  • Amount of community discussion from the participants when they built their solution

Contest Rules

  • The challenge is open to any individual aged 18 years or older.
  • The solution submitted by the applicants must be a new solution created for this challenge.
  • More than one individual can participate in creating a solution but any prize will be awarded to the key contact who completed the entry form.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are helping make this challenge possible by providing great prizes. If you want to sponsor the Open IoT Challenge 5.0, please email us.

Contest Prizes

The three winners will be awarded prizes, allowing them to continue to innovate and build other IoT projects.

1st prize

  • $2,000 gift card to be used in an online shop toward electronic supplies and open hardware.
  • $1,000 scholarship to attend a future Eclipse Event in 2019

2nd prize

  • $750 gift card to be used in an online shop toward electronic supplies and open hardware.

3rd prize

  • $250 gift card to be used in an online shop toward electronic supplies and open hardware.