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Below are some useful links to articles and other resources about Eclipse IoT Technologies.

Applying Machine Learning to IoT Use Cases with Eclipse Deeplearning4j | Eclipse IoT Day SC 2019

In this talk, we will discuss high-level machine learning use cases for IoT, provide an overview of the Eclipse Deeplearning4j ecosystem of tools, and tie it all together with a couple of real-life examples. This talk is aimed at Business Analysts and Solution Architects seeking ideas and inspiration for applying machine learning to IoT.

Developing IoT Applications Using Intel® System Studio | Eclipse IoT Day Santa Clara 2019

Intel® System Studio is based on the Eclipse CDT project and offers a comprehensive set of tools under a free and renewable licensing model. This software suite allows you to build, debug, analyze and optimize applications and can be used throughout the entire development cycle from hardware bring-up to deploying the final product. During this presentation, we will introduce you to Intel® System Studio and show how to develop and debug IoT and systems applications. This includes running them locally and remotely on popular Intel Developer Kit platforms like the Aaeon UP2 and IEI Tank, as well as enhancing applications through cloud connectors, sensors, and libraries.

Eclipse VOLTTRON - Overview of the Platform | Eclipse IoT Day Santa Clara 2019

Eclipse VOLTTRON provides an environment for agent execution and serves as a single point of contact for interfacing with devices (rooftop units, building systems, meters, etc.), external resources, and platform services such as data archival and retrieval. VOLTTRON applications are referred to as agents since VOLTTRON provides an agent-based programming paradigm to ease application development and minimize the lines of code that need to be written by domain experts such as buildings engineers. Eclipse VOLTTRON provides a collection of utility and helper classes that simplifies agent development.

Exploring the Trend Toward the Edge | Eclipse IoT Day Santa Clara 2019

Edge computing is rapidly on the rise. In this Meetup, we will explore the business drivers, technological changes, and global trends that are making edge computing the next must-have infrastructure. We will discuss the challenges that make edge computing unique in relation to cloud and data center. We will finish our exploration with real-world use cases from a variety of industries, showing how edge computing results in immediate business opportunities that you can leverage.

State of the Union - Eclipse IoT Day Santa Clara 2019

Where are we coming from? Where are we? Where are we going? In this presentation, Frédéric Desbiens, IoT and Edge Computing Program Manager at the Eclipse Foundation, will share with you what happened in the Eclipse IoT Ecosystem in the last year and what is the Foundation’s roadmap for the future. Learn about major project releases. Discover new projects such as ioFog, fog05 and Sparkplug. Hear about our new and upcoming working groups. Just don’t expect answers to the great philosophical questions of life!

The MRAA and UPM Eclipse IoT Projects | Eclipse IoT Day Santa Clara 2019

This presentation focuses primarily on the MRAA and UPM middleware projects which have been a part of the Intel IoT Developer Kits since day 1 and are now proudly joining the Eclipse IoT community. The MRAA library provides an abstraction layer for several Intel and non-Intel IoT platforms, offering C/C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python bindings to the physical pins and buses. This is subsequently used by the UPM sensor library for exposing standardized APIs intended to simplify the interaction between developers and peripherals, with virtually over 400 different specialized sensors, actuators and radio modules currently supported as part of the project.