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Below are some useful links to articles and other resources about Eclipse IoT Technologies.

Open IoT Challenge 4.0 - Video

Work on things that matter and submit your open IoT solution idea for the fourth Open IoT Challenge!

Eclipse Hono – Eclipse Hono : Connect. Command. Control.

The open source response to closed and proprietary IoT solutions is called Eclipse Hono!

Eclipse Unide – A way to establish an open Industry 4.0 standard

With Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing the need of communication and interoperability of machines and the Internet of Things (IoT) became bigger and bigger …

Rapid IoT Prototyping with Eclipse Vorto

Eclipse Vorto focuses on the interoperability for integrating IoT devices into various IoT Platforms …

Eclipse IoT Open Testbed for Asset Tracking - Live Demo

Unveiling the first Eclipse IoT Open Testbed for Asset Tracking Management. Check out this short video to get the gist of the business case. More info on Open Testbeds:

IoT Developer Trends - 2017 Edition

Slides: The IoT Developer Survey Results are in for 2017! We received a record of 713 responses this year. During the webinar, we will …